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Vedika Vyas: Model and Actress

My experience learning theatre has been exhilarating. I was one of the students in my batch who felt extremely nervous when it came to performing or speaking in public or even in front of a small crowd. Learning theatre gave me a chance to become comfortable with myself because the journey of getting trained in theatre isn’t about how well you deliver your dialogues or how well you perform, it’s a journey about understanding yourself. About bringing your feelings from within, being honest to yourself and expressing them. I feel very comfortable standing in front of the camera but even more comfortable and confident when I stand in front of the mirror. I personally feel every individual must go through the process of learning theatre as it not only teaches you some skills but also motivates you to be better at whatever you do. For me, going through that process was like meditation. I felt fresh and energetic after every session. But I didn’t stop feeling that way after the workshop ended. I cultivated all of that in my personal life as well as professional. It is okay if you are not an actor or a performer of some sort, but in reality you are your own audience, critique and judge. It’s ‘you’ whom you have to impress, it’s ‘you’ whom you have to encourage to be better at what you do. To me, it doesn’t matter if I am an actor, model or a performer, but I know that I have achieved a sense of understanding of myself and my surroundings and I will continue to apply what I’ve learnt.

URVASHI SHRIMALI: Actress / Radio Jockey

When I met Abhinay sir for the theatre workshop, I was absolutely clueless about what I wanted to do. I wanted to learn how to act but in the process I learnt about myself. Today I work with a Gujarati Literature based App as an RJ and act as well.

Theatre: Chalta Phirta Bambai, Sumanlal T. Dave, Lihaaf, Taap, Tarla tu pan, The greatest Sovereign, Amdavad ni pol.


VANASHREE KANSARA: Actress | Indian theatre and films

Lights check, costumes check, properties check, make up check, sound check…
There are so many things other than acting that have to be taken care of while performing on stage which I realized after being part of this enlightening process of theatre. Like all other people, I too joined theatre to explore my capabilities as an actor but it taught me a lot more than just acting. Every play comes with a different life for you to live. One thing that Abhinay sir keeps saying is, “The best thing about being an actor is that you get to live so many different lives.” If I talk about myself, once I played a role of a girl who loses her hands in an accident. So, Being a perfectionist director as he is, Abhinay sir made sure that I learn to do work without the use of my hands in my daily routines, too. I used to be with tied hands for around 3 hours. I used to try to use laptop, fold blanket, drink water, eat with a spoon, write with a pen and brush my teeth with the help of my legs. This character and lot of other characters that I have played, be it a role of a rape victim or a crime reporter, rather the whole experience of being a part of theatre has taught me lessons of life. It has made me confident, expressive, a good speaker and has given me experiences that made me mature and sensitive towards the society. It has not just given me the opportunities to grow as an actor, it has also given me a platform to grow as an individual and make myself someone I can be proud of.

Theatre: Tale of tears, The Midnight fairytale, Unbroken Wings, Dikro maro laajawab, Maru ghar maro sansaar, Will you be my Guitar, Yudhh-Virudhh, Pune Highway.
Films: Shubhaarambh.


Being a writer you need to explore inside as well as outside. For me acting workshop was inside out experience. i had signed up for acting and ended up improving my writing skills as well. The structure of the workshop doesn’t limit to actors or who want to learn acting. In a way it was a spiritual journey for me, like something is being changed inside. It was a wonderful workshop for writers and i realized that i was an actor already, but the important thing is that the realization came after doing this workshop. Once in a life everyone should do this. Thanks to Abhinay Sir.

Published books: The Last Year, Necklace, The Play.
Books are available on Matrubhari and DailyHunt.


SATISH CHAUHAN: Art Director (Cinema) / Set designer (Theatre)

I found myself and my identity through theatre. I could figure out what I wanted to do with myself. I started my journey with a theatre workshop conducted by Abhinay Banker. With the help of theatre I could recognise my capabilities, It taught me stage crafting and set design, skills for analysing the script and understanding of characters and art used in films and stage plays. My understanding and capabilities of all of this has improved just because of theatre. I’ve started experiencing life and perceiving it differently, whether I craft the stage a 1 BHK apartment or whether it’s a 25’X25’ realistic ship. Theatre has taught me to have fun at work and to live fully.

Films: Shubh Aarambh, Kaamdar Union,
Theatre: Chalta Phirta Bambai, Happy Journey, Samudramanthan, Dhaad.

PAURAVI JOSHI: Costume Designer

Theatre is my first love. It has helped me a lot to build my identity as a costume designer and as an actress. I learned every single aspect of production and performance for camera and stage through theatre. So, theatre has played a major role in construction of my life and my career.
FILMS: Bey Yaar, Bas Ek Chance, Premji: the rise of a warrior, Chello Divas, Thai Jashe, Chor Bani Thangaat Kare, JSK, Symphony, Shubh Aarambh, Dhusar (Hindi), Union Leaser, Hotel Zodiac.


RADHIKA BAROT: Radio Jockey / Actress

Theatre has made a drastic change in my personality. Being an RJ, I made lesser appearances comparatively but after getting through this process I learned how I can portray myself in terms of body language and eye contact. Sounding confident on radio and in real were completely two different sides of a coin. Theatre played an important role in my profession and a major example was my new campaign #IdontCare. Where I could express all the emotions that I have been through on radio through voice and emotions added into it. Praised by the critics and loved by my listeners.


In my childhood I used to believe that acting is a very easy job. You just have to memorize your dialogue and emote it in front of the camera. But I was naïve to think like that because when I started doing theatre I was Introduced to a whole new world and I realized that it is not that easy yet very easy if you stay focused. The best thing I learnt was to look at things with multiple perspectives. I became aware of my strengths and my weaknesses. I also found out that acting is an unending process of improving oneself. The time I have spent with Abhinay Sir and the plays I have done with Aarambh Arts have played a major role in making me whoever I am today.

Films: Chhello Divas, Daav Thai gayo Yaar, Karsandas Pay & Use.
Theatre: Chalta Phirta Bambai, Kasturba, Akoopar, Khuda Haafz, The greatest Sovereign, Kadak Badshahi, Koi Pan Ek Phool Nu Naam Bolo To, AgniKanya.


HARSH THAKKAR: Film & theatre

When this a chartered accountant college student joined an acting workshop with no expectations but tables turned. The more I got into the world of theatre the more reasons it gave me to stay in it and work harder. I got into acting, stage performances and public appearances. One workshop changed me drastically. I let myself come out of the comfort zone and slowly getting into Indian national theatre where I was awarded best actor a few times. It gave me an identity in the eyes many popular directors. It brought the best out of me and made me capable enough to face all the challenging roles on stage. I acquired leadership qualities. From stage to screen presence, the whole process was truly overwhelming for me and it created a range of variations and polished my skills. My journey doesn’t end here. The best and most proud feeling is when you get a chance to perform and share stage with your mentor. And this honour continues till date.
Films: Colorbaaj
TVC: Google Maps
Theatre: Chalta Phirta Bambai, Haji Ek Varta, Akoopar, Samudramanthan, Dhaad, Khovaayel Chhe, Kalja Kero Katko, Mowgli Bas Mowgli.

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