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‘NAUTANKI’ Children's Theatre Workshop

Children’s Theatre Workshop

Age Group: 7yrs-12yrs.




Kids explore artistic expression of themselves they deep dive into their characters and think of various ways to bring it alive.


The games that are played in this workshop ignites imagination and observation abilities and makes a child more creative in life.


Drama enables the development of cognitive skills of the child as they are required to understand the instructions given as well as remember them later thus developing perception and memory attention and concentration.


  • helps them gain confidence
  • builds concentration
  • improves communication skills
  • changes perceptions attitude & behavior
  • improves self-esteem develops creativity
  • teaches children to co-operate
  • gives them a sense of achievement



Theatre Expert & Mentor

Abhinay Banker’s dynamic nature is apparent in his humility and profound regard for the people and environment around him. He has been dazzling audiences with his versatility as a renowned actor director and writer of Gujarati Cinema and Theatre for more than 15 years.

He has also won Awards for Best Actor for the critically acclaimed drama ‘Kasturba’ in which he played the character of Mahatma Gandhi. Welcome Zindagi, Akoopar, Samudramanthan are some of his celebrated plays.

He pursued his passion and completed his Under Graduation (Gold medallist) and Post-Graduation in Performing Arts in theatre. Since then, he has been an unstoppable force delivering exceptional performances and creating history with his abilities. Abhinay is a scholar researcher in dramatic arts and dynamics of acting.

Abhinay Banker is also associated with some prestigious Universities and Theatre institutes as a faculty of theatrical and dramatic arts.

Dance & Movement Director

Mansi Modi has over 20 years of extensive exposure to professional dancing Mansi also boasts of Master of Philosophy in Dance. Mansi has represented Indian Culture globally through the medium of classical dance and is a strong propagator of cross-cultural performing art initiatives.

She has represented Indian Culture globally through the medium of classical dance and is a strong propagator of cross-cultural performing art initiatives.

Worked with preschool to higher secondary children for annual functions and theme-based choreography. Teaching distinct techniques choreographing culturally enriching acts and inferring thematic performances Mansi Modi is a mélange of creative sensibility and entrepreneurial capabilities.

Acting Instructor and Storyteller

Nikita Sharma is a professional theatre and screen actress. She is a promising young writer, director and actor in Indian Theatre and a trained classical dancer. She is trained in the craft of storytelling.

Her famous adage I am deep in the business of emotions and sentiments. Let me be a part of your sentiments, let’s evoke some emotions.

Workshop Venue


Manch for everybody

08, Aashirwad paras, garden cross road, near Sales India, Prahlad Nagar, Ahmedabad.

For inquiries and more details contact us on +91 7043215353


Email: art.aarambh@gmail.com