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Abhinay Banker’s dynamic nature is apparent in his humility and profound regard for the people and environment around him. He has been dazzling audiences with his versatility as a recognised actor, director, and writer of Gujarati Cinema and Theatre for over a decade.

Against all odds, he pursued his passion and completed his Under Graduation (Gold medallist) and Post-Graduation in Performing Arts in theatre. Since then, he has been an unstoppable force, delivering exceptional performances and creating history with his abilities. Abhinay is a scholar researcher in dramatic arts and dynamics of acting.

He is a firm believer in the power of observation and draws inspiration from his surroundings. According to Abhinay, “theatre is a powerful medium of expression” and so he brings to life the mundane experiences and incidents through the power of acting and the multi-faceted approach of his direction. The expertise behind the lens of a camera has given him insight into the art of direction and allowed him to explore the depths of his skills.

A free-spirited individual, Abhinay believes that acting is a constant process of
learning which allows him to continuously evolve. His passion for theatre extends in his teachings and he is associated with various drama institutes and prestigious Universities as Faculty of Theatrical Arts.

He is excited to explore the talent of Gujarat and leap into the undiscovered possibilities of theatre as a curator and casting director in cinema!

Discover the vast world of theatre and gain an insight into the mind of Abhinay
Banker at his Acting and Theatre workshops.